How Your Support Helps

Thanks to you the Christmas Bazaar, the Summer Fete, the discos, the quiz and many other social and fundraising extravaganzas are possible. You’re brilliant and we can’t do these events without you! Parent volunteers also make school trips and projects happen. Whatever your contribution, it counts so please carry on and get involved!

Your financial contributions also make an enormous difference. Morley, like all state-funded schools, has a limited state budget. Friends’ grants support the staff by reducing some of the resource pressures so that they can concentrate on what they do so well – helping each and every one of our children to achieve their potential. The more help we get, the more we can achieve. For simple, stress-free ways to donate to Morley take a look at regular giving, there are even ways to make us money for free!

Over the years, Friends of Morley have provided valuable resources for our school.

In recent years we have paid for:

  • Chrome Books (£20,000)
  • Playground Redevelopment & Equipment (£23,000)
  • Setup and fitting of a pupil wellbeing room.
  • New sports equipment
  • £500 for each teacher to enrich the term’s learning
  • Library redesign