Get Involved


You all have skills and qualities that can help in all sorts of different ways. From volunteering in the classrooms, from one-to-one reading, to teaching taster sessions in Mandarin and exploding plastic bottles in the playground for Science Week.

Parents can support events in all sorts of ways – behind the scenes organisation, coming up with original ideas, running stalls or just turning up to events and having fun, whilst raising money for the school. Whatever you have to offer, we’re interested!

Share Expertise – There are so many gifted parents out there with skills to offer. We want to hear from you! Whatever your experience, you can help us make the best of our school. Just email us at

Come and meet us – Committee meetings are open to everyone. The committee is run by a fun and friendly group, our meetings are a great way to get to know other parents and help dreams become a reality, by making a positive difference to your children’s school environment and education. Do get in touch to find out when the next meeting is.

Half-an-hour Help – Just half-an-hour of your time can make a difference, making a cake, manning a stall at a fair, doing some photocopying.

Make a donation – find out more about regular giving and fill the Gift Form here.

Tell us what you think – Why not share your and your children’s ideas for fundraising events and activities. Grab us in the playground, come to a committee meeting or send us an email and tell us what you think we do well and what we could do better.

Become a Class Parent

We aim to appoint at least one class parent per class throughout the school. The role of a Class Parent is to extend the sense of Morley school community, by being a communication link between parents of children in the class and also between the teacher and home.

Class Parents act as a point of contact between the school and parents of children, as well as organising social events and getting involved in Friends of Morley activities like the Christmas bazaar and the summer fete.

We use the Classlist app to communicate and share information. When you sign up you can let us know which class your child is in so that you receive messages relating to that class and year group as well as the whole school. You can also use Classlist to connect with other families, or ask questions about things like homework or school trips.

It should only be used for contacting other people in your class about school, class and child related activities. It shouldn’t be used for selling or marketing your own business products, services or ideas etc.

The Class Parent Coordinator

The Class Parent Coordinator is a member of the Friends of Morley committee and attends committee meetings. They provide information to the school and parents about the Class Parent system and how it works at Morley and supports the Class Parents in their role

  • provides information to the school and parents about the Class Parent system and how it works at Morley
  • supports the Class Parents in their role
  • is a communication link between the Friends of Morley and Class Parents.

Welcome letter to parents (beginning of year)

Welcome letter to parents (mid-year)