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About us

WELCOME ABOARD! We are all part of this wonderful school community and you don’t have to be on the committee to count yourself part of the Friends of Morley, because when your children join the school, you atomically become members of the school association.

All of the committee members are parents who currently have children at Morley. However, parents, as well as relatives and members of the local community are welcome to join us.

Current Committee Membership:

  • Chair: Alicia Townshend
  • Secretary: Sophie Moore
  • Treasurer: Kerry Jones
  • Class Parent Coordinator: Emma Linney
  • Members: Anne Pajon, Jane Richards, Harriet Pike, Farrhat Arshad, Maggie Luff

The small print:

The Friends of Morley is a Registered Charity, known as Morley Memorial Primary School Association, registered charity number 1043583.

The Charities Act 1993 requires organisations such as ours with an annual income in excess of £1,000 to register with the Charity Commission. We abide by Charity Commission rules and regulations and are bound by a constitution, which sets out rules about how we operate and how we conduct ourselves. A full copy can be obtained from the Treasurer.

Being a Registered Charity gives us lots of benefits:

  • We are able to apply for Gift Aid, which can earn us an extra £2.50 in every £10 donated, out of earned income
  • We can raise funds more easily from grant giving trusts, local businesses etc
  • We can take advantage of charity matched giving schemes

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