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Outdoor Play and Learning

OUR CHILDREN NEED A NEW PLAYGROUND, an attractive, stimulating place to play that they love and we can all enjoy. You can help!

Our majestic ash trees had to be removed at short notice because they were seriously diseased, the trim trail succumbed to rot after years of use and our 800m2 of grassed play area is out of use for at least 40% of the year due to waterlogging, even after small amounts of rain. But this disappointing combination has created the chance of a change for the better.

Outdoor play and sports are essential to a rounded education. They help children to develop gross and fine motor skills, build confidence and learn about team work. They help with social skills and encourage groups of children to bond and interact in different ways. A well-designed playground also offers resources to support academic learning in areas such as science.

This is a project that will benefit every child in the school; it will add to their enjoyment and make them even more proud to be at Morley.

The Friends’ fundraising goal to help Morley achieve this aim as quickly as possible is £77,000 towards the likely total project cost of £100,0000. We have already raised £30,000, leaving a balance of £47,000 to raise. We will be working with the Senior Management Team to apply for grants from trusts, companies and statutory sources, but we also need you to help!


If you are able, please make a gift by filling in the Gift Form and also support the Friends’ fundraising events this year.

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