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As requested by the Governors for the 2014-2015 school year, 90% of funds raised over the year will be used for the outdoor space/playground development, 10% has been set aside to be used for other school needs, with the priority determined by the priorities list of the resources committee of the governing body.

According to this list of priorities, the FoM Committee decided that the 10% should be used towards the Mathletics subscription, the sport kit for school teams and the i-Pads.

1. Improvements to the outdoor play and learning spaces around the school

Our children need a new playground, an attractive, stimulating place to play that they love and we can all enjoy. You can help! Read on and find out how.

The outdoor play and learning spaces around the school are inadequate and we want to invest in them ahead of the building works that are proposed for the school. Lots of work has been happening to create a design and there is now a sub-group of the Resources Committee that is overseeing this work.

This is the main priority for the school in terms of external fundraising and we are devoting the vast majority of funds to this goal (at least 90%).

2. Mathletics subscription.

Mathletics is an on-line resource which allows children to work on maths activities both at home and at school. Teachers can use it to consolidate mathematical concepts, either through lesson time or as part of planned homework. In turn, children can access Mathletics at home and engage with the different tasks, challenging themselves as they work through the different levels. The Friends aim to donate £500 annually to subsidise this subscription (the balance is paid by Morley families via Parentpay).

3. Sports kit for school teams.

As a school, we are keen to promote competitive sport and run a number of sports teams, including football, netball, tag- rugby and hockey. At present, the school has one incomplete kit, which is used by all the teams. Where there are A team and B team matches, there is usually not enough kit for all team members. To continue to make competitive sport high profile within the school, the school would like to have a dedicated sports kit for each team. It would cost around £150 per team, per year, to supply team kit, ensuring that all children in the team are able to wear their team colours, regardless of family income, team numbers etc.

4. 10 i-Pads to support learners with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Morley works hard to ensure that all its pupils achieve their potential by offering differentiated teaching and resources according to their needs, but within the budget available to the school. There is a range of programs available on i-Pads which are designed to support children with SEN and access to word-processing and relevant internet pages would also be beneficial in many of these cases. The portability of i-Pads and their systems of user interface mean that they would be a valuable resource to offer to certain children in response to their particular needs. The school would ideally like to obtain 10 i-Pads to support SEN learners at approximately £275 per i-Pad.


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