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Class Parents

The role of a Class Parent is to extend the sense of Morley school community, by being a communication link between parents of children in the class and also between the teacher and home. Class Parents act as a point of contact between the school and parents of children, as well as organising social events and getting involved in Friends of Morley activities like the Christmas bazaar and the summer fete. Class Parents collect a list of contact details for families in the class.

Being on the class contact list is entirely voluntary and completely up to each family. It is important that everyone protects the information, keeps it confidential and only uses it appropriately. It should only be used for contacting other people in your class about school, class and child related activities.

It shouldn’t be passed onto others or used for selling or marketing your own business products, services or ideas etc.

The Class Parent Coordinator is a member of the Friends of Morley committee and attends committee meetings and participates as per the constitution.

The Class Parent Coordinator:

  • provides information to the school and parents about the Class Parent system and how it works at Morley
  • supports the Class Parents in their role
  • is a communication link between the Friends of Morley and Class Parents.

Timetable of activities

  • September
    • Provide information about the Class Parent system to the school via the weekly newsletters in September
    • Ask last year’s Class Parents to ask their contacts if they’d like to take over the role for the new school year
    • Co-ordinate sharing last year’s Class Contact Lists so they can be updated with new classes
    • Welcome picnic (usually third Friday in September) – help new Year One families to organise, and also to attend and speak about the Friends of Morley and Class Parent system and start collecting details of new families for the Class Contact Lists
  • October
    • Collate the names of the new class parents and arrange meeting to welcome, thank and help the class parents get started
  • November – December
    • Liaise between the FoM Christmas Bazaar team and the Class Parents to facilitate wider school involvement in running the Bazaar
  • January/early February
    • Organise a second meeting with Class Parents as above to facilitate sharing ideas etc
    • Liaise where needed when other events and activities are organised
  • June
    • Tell Early Years Class Parents about the Welcome Picnic in Sept.
    • Email thanking all Class Parents; reminding about end of year gift for teachers/assistants; end of year social events; think about who might be Class Parents for next year
  • Ongoing : forward emails from Friends of Morley committee as requested – usually but not only related to fund raising activities.

Please contact us if you are interested in the role or have any questions.


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